Solid Experience

Over 10 years of software developing experience, all of our accumulated experience have succeeded more than 200 diverse projects


Customer Satisfaction

Highest customer satisfaction rating, our work of high standards enjoy leading enterprises’ confidence and praise.

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Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner

We thrive to inspire our customers to develop cross-platform apps, with teams formed by Xamarin experts. Building cutting-edge apps was never easier !


UX Design

We formalize plans together with you to ensure UX strategy delivers maximum success in terms of meeting enterprise requirements. Our user centered design methodology stays for successful customer experience metrics, representing first rate enterprise value and engage your users to make them smile.

UI Design

We guarantee the integrity and image of the UI, irrespective of what devices or viewports are used with responsive designs. By providing distinguished UI, which enables to compliment your brand image and enterprise values.

iOS Development

We have a full understanding of what iOS platforms have to offer, for its features, essential technologies and specifications. And providing amazing mobile solution for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Android Development

Our development team is familiar with Java and Android development technology. You are assured with having foremost software framework for your Android APP. Using least hardware resources, create utmost operational efficiency and security.

Xamarin Development

Our development technicians are fully qualified, and have the best know-how of Xamarin technology in APAC. We specialize in cross platform development, code sharing and original UI, enhancing for topmost native APP.

Web App Development

Whether it’s Mobile Web APP, RWD Web Site or Hybrid APP. We develop software tailored to your needs, ensuring your APP working on multiple devices’ operating systems.

Mobile Backend & API

We have extensive experiences of large server-side programming development, with complete framework design concept. Collocating with flexible API to maximize your integrations. Your systems are well connected with others, for your APP staying with stability.

QA & Testing

Through diverse devices, mobile platforms and browsers, with our over 100 quality control procedures, testing methodologies, we can deliver the highest quality apps on the market today.

Maintenance Enhancement

Besides primary protection mechanism, we can provide custom solutions that focus on your enterprises’ goals, together with maintaining service after launch, to assure you staying current with security subjects.



Taishin Bank/Mobile Wallet

Helped Taishin Bank to develop LetsPay day-to-day banking go, consolidated with Taishin stored-value accounts. It gave customers all the financial tools for need at their fingertips, and all wrapped in a sleek design for pleasure to use. Payments are just simple and secure.


Our engineers in the past would need to contact with CSR for getting customers' information, however this caused inconvenience when they went out onto field sites service …

Tokio Marine

Provided claim personnels to process claims via mobile apps, completed documents and pictures can be uploaded to media centre.With login ID, both online and offline authentiation mechanism available. Claim personnels could view To Do Lists, including current claims and …

KerryTJ logistics APP

By using Xamarin cross-platform development software, which simplified mobile application and helped KerryTJ to develop APP logistic systems, and drastically improved planner productivity. Functions including: Consignments Tracking IDs, Location Check, Shipping Costs Calculate …