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200 experts, 300+ diverse projects. Over 10 years of software development experience, the accumulated experiences have assisted our customers drive their business success.

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Technology and market demand change rapidly. We constantly advance our capability to innovate, think as a partner to our customer, create mutually beneficial solution to the business and succeed together in this ever-changing environment.


Customer Satisfaction

We strive to deliver high standards work and provide exceptional services and we pride ourselves on the believe of customer first.


Intelligent AI chatbot system

Meet all the financial business needs of intelligent conversation, with the most flexible multi-round dialogue in the field, collaborative human customer service system together to achieve the perfect customer expectations!

Comprehensive Database Monitoring System

Monitor your MongoDB with ease! One-stop service to automate performance monitoring, data backup, data restoration and all other enterprise’s database monitoring needs.

Enterprise API Service Management Platform

DigiRunner is an enterprise-level API service platform that provides full API development, design, deployment, and monitoring management functions. DigiRunner can quickly respond to changes and play a central system role in the provision of enterprise digital services.

Centralized Log Management System

Integrating multiple log records, discovering system issues, and showing analytic results with simple visual presentations. Easylog is perfect for your log management.



Digital Banking

We have more than 10 years of experience in building online banking and mobile banking system. Safety, reliability and stability is our golden rule. It’s our commitment to build a secure digital banking system for our customers.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

We provide cross platform mobile app development and consulting services. Through one single programming language, developers can develop cross-platform application with 100% native performance.

API Management Solutions

We provide complete API development, design, deployment, and monitoring management API management solutions. Respond to changes quickly, play the role of the core system of digital services provided by the enterprise.

Business Process Management and Rule Engine

Digitalizing business process allows corporation to manage complex operation process with ease. Save time and cost for enterprises!

Big Data Integration and Search

We provide service for massive data management. Some of the features include managing various data types, centralized data management, and database index and more.

Big Data Persistence and Application

We have years of experience and been committing to assist enterprises to design and build the most solid and secure Big Data persistence and application system.